Advice for Parents

As a parent, you are one of the most influential individuals in your child’s life. Like anyone, deciding on a career path is one of the most important decisions they can make.

The energy and utilities sector not only offers your child a range of careers to choose from, but a career that’s secure with development opportunities. They can experiment with a variety of roles, or even access the sector through apprenticeships, graduate schemes and professional roles.

Make the right decision and present your child with all their options. They could be the next pioneering researcher, or chief executive of your gas company – there’s a space for every personality.

Apprenticeships: A Parent's Story - Claire

Apprenticeships: A Parent's Story - Claire

Apprenticeships. A Parent's Story - Mandy

Apprenticeships: A Parent's Story - Mandy

Average salaries while in training for those in and energy and utilities related apprenticeships were higher than the average of all apprentices (£12,624 per year).

On average, once qualified, starting salaries can begin at £18,000 to £39,500.

Furthermore, retention and continued employment of energy and utility apprentices is higher than average. 95% of those who completed an Electrical Industry apprenticeship were still with their employer five years on.

For more information on apprenticeships, the following websites have tips and guidance for parents and young people.

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 If your child is thinking about applying for an apprenticeship, view our tips on how to ace your application and visit our Current Vacancies page.