You join the Green collar workforce

The UK is on a journey to cut carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2050. The energy & utilities sector will play a major part in achieving this – but, to do so, we’ll have to build our green collar workforce. 277,000 new recruits are needed in the energy & utilities sector in the next 10 years to help the UK transition to a greener, more sustainable future. By choosing an apprenticeship, you can learn the vital skills required to fill some of the roles that will help us build a greener, cleaner future.

Skip the student debt

Heading to university is by no means cheap. By taking on tuition fees and funding your living costs too, many students graduate not just with a degree but with debts. With an apprenticeship, there are no fees to pay for now or in the future.

Earn from day one

As an apprentice, you’ll receive a salary throughout your apprenticeship. Average salaries while in training for those in an energy and utilities related apprenticeships were higher than the average of all apprentices. Furthermore, retention and continued employment of energy and utility apprentices is higher than average.

Kickstart a career

With an apprenticeship, you’re acquiring the skills that employers really want. This means you have a clear career path, rather than having to work out which direction to take at the end of your studies and hoping your qualifications will open the right doors.

Get qualifications and experience

An apprenticeship is hands-on, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be achieving qualifications. Apprenticeships in the energy and utilities sector have great starting salaries, training and mentoring and of course, opportunities for career progression.