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E.ON – Positive energy, for everyone
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E.ON – Positive energy, for everyone

We're passionate about creating a more sustainable future. Together, we're leading the transition to net zero. We need everyone's positive energy and innovative thinking to make this happen. So whether you're installing solar panels or eco-friendly street lighting, helping customers save energy or making our networks future-proof, you'll be helping to change the world for the better

Why work at E.ON?

If you’ve a passion for customers and want to be part of creating a sustainable energy future, E.ON is the place for you. We offer purposeful work, exciting challenges and opportunities to be your best.


We have purpose

Together we‘re leading the transition to net zero. We’re helping customers with their energy needs, offering electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, innovating and delivering sustainable solutions transforming homes, businesses and communities. Bring your purpose to life at E.ON.

We learn and grow

A net zero future needs new skills. We’ve exciting opportunities for everyone to develop their talent at E.ON. Our open access, inclusive talent networks provide networking, learning and development for all, building your skills, qualifications and capabilities throughout your career.

We are flexible

We’re challenging the stereotypes around flexible working to fit our diverse lives. We’re bringing together the best bits of home and office working to create a flexible hybrid approach where you’re trusted and empowered to deliver the best for you and our customers.

We have market leading benefits

We offer flexible benefits putting you in control to choose what matters most to you. Our market leading package offers you the choice of benefits from security, sustainability or the flexibility of extra holiday, there’s something for everyone.

We are better together

We believe in creating a culture where everyone feels respected, valued and a sense of belonging. Through our inclusive culture, everyone is empowered to grow, thrive and to be the best they can. Our diversity of backgrounds and experiences help us to connect with and understand our diverse customers and communities. Together we’re better.

Experienced candidates

E.ON wouldn’t be E.ON without its people. From customer service to IT, every person who works with us makes an impact on our success. We’re looking for talented, driven individuals to join us on our journey of creating a sustainable future.

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Early career options at E.ON

Our apprenticeships allow you to work full-time and gain valuable experience that pushes you to reach your best. All of this while earning a competitive salary and completing a recognised qualification. With us, you’ll be able to build a better future for everyone.

Degree Apprenticeships

The best of both worlds

As a degree apprentice, you don’t have to choose between education and gaining practical skills. Find an apprenticeship that can do both!

Energy Markets Internships

We are offering internships within Energy Markets where you will gain a solid understanding of the UK energy industry while being fully supported by a team of experts. Click on the internships listed below to find out more:



Street Lighting Apprentice­ships


Join E.ON’s four-year Street Lighting Installation and Maintenance apprenticeship for a bright future. Gain valuable work experience, earn a competitive salary, and achieve valuable qualifications.

E.ON Next Apprentice­ships


Gain new skills, qualifications and friends as an apprentice joining E.ON Next.



Energy Markets Graduate Scheme

We’re looking for graduates who want to create a sustainable future, have a hunger to learn and are motivated to succeed. If this sounds like you, the Energy Markets Graduate Scheme could be the perfect next step for your career.


Application Support

We know everyone is unique and brings unique skills, and we really believe it’s this uniqueness that make companies great, so please tell us if you’d like us to do things differently to make this a great recruitment experience for you. 


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