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Energy drives us. It lights up our lives, heats up our homes and powers our imagination. Sourced from the air and the earth. From the sun and the rain. From old reliable sources and new sustainable ones. The energy we harness at E.ON, however, begins with yours.


What you do as an apprentice matters to millions of people. We need your courage, passion and energy to help our business grow.

To help you achieve this, we’re pioneering new ways of training our apprentices, ensuring you’re supported and encouraged every step of the way.

We offer Apprenticeships in generation, power plants and EC&I.


We offer year-long work placements where you can experience all that we offer, while working on critical projects that add real value to our business.



You can enjoy a career protecting the environment, revolutionising the industry and making energy simpler for millions of people around the world.

We’ll give you the chance to find a career that suits you: you’ll be able to explore lots of opportunities. We’re a global organisation with several areas of business. So there’s lots of scope for heading off in any number of exciting directions and finding the career that’s right for you.

We won’t fob you off with the photocopying. You’ll work on important projects – projects that are adding real value and shaping the energy industry itself.

What’s more, you’ll move around regularly. And there’ll be real flexibility in your placement, so you can develop in a way that suits you and us. With regular training opportunities, as well as learning on the job, you’ll develop fast.

Changing the world one lightbulb at a time.

Experienced Candidates

We offer a range of opportunities for professionals – whether you’re an engineer, technical, professional or support staff, in customer service or sales, or looking for your next management challenge.

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About Power

A career in the power industry will place you at the heart of the most important large-scale work in the UK.

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