Northumbrian Water Limited

At Northumbrian Water we live water… and we love our customers.

Four years ago, we started our journey to become the national leader in customer service – not just in the water industry or in Utilities but up there with companies like Amazon and Apple. It’s a hugely ambitious project and we need resourceful, proactive people with a strong customer focus, great communications skills and real emotional intelligence to help us get there.

Choose water video

Drainspotting: Choose Water

We’re more than just a water company. It takes a wide range of skills and talents to maintain the flow of water to our 4.5 million customers across the UK. Our colleagues include front line customer service advisors, meter readers, team leaders, maintenance technicians and back office scientists, hydrologists, business analysts, marketers, graphic designers, lawyers, accountants, property experts, retail managers and engineers – to name just a few! So whether you’re just starting out on your career and are not sure what you want to do or are already an expert in your chosen area we’re bound to have an opportunity that’s just right for you.

My Internship

My Internship: Shane Jayakrishna

Kelly Graham, Head of Customer Service

#WaterWomen - Kelly Graham

"I'm in a role where I'm given autonomy and freedom to really make a difference and I get real job satisfaction." Kelly Graham, Head of Customer Service

Jennie Collingwood , Head of Marketing & Communications

#WaterWomen: Jennie Collingwood

"This is a gift of a job, we have so many different campaign angles to take. Things that really make a difference."Jennie Collingwood , Head of Marketing & Communications