Matthew's Story - Apprentice - Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Scottish Water

Matthew Meechan is a 19 year old Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice with Scottish Water. Find out why his apprenticeship is exceeding his expectations! 

Matthew Meechan, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, Scottish Water

What do you do and what does it involve?

I am a full time Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Apprentice with Scottish Water. Since starting in August 2016, I have learned practical workshop skills, like stripping gearboxes/motors and building electrical circuits. I also did class-based theory towards a National Certificate qualification in Electrical Engineering. After that I will work towards a HNC.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I felt that it would give me more opportunities than going to university. I felt I could progress my career further through an apprenticeship due to the technical skills and qualities you pick up at the EKGTA as well as the interpersonal skills you pick up working with a team and providing first class customer service both internally and externally. Making an income while learning was also a benefit.

What aspects do you enjoy most?

I have met lots of new friends through my job and all Scottish Water’s electrical and mechanical engineering apprentices are at college at the same time, so you’re always around familiar faces. I have also met lots of new people from other companies.

How important was it for you to earn a salary while you were learning a new profession?

The educational skills and qualities that I am gaining are more important, however, I feel it is a good benefit to earn while you learn.

“You should always show a willingness to learn and should always be enthusiastic about the area that you are interested in.”

Is the apprenticeship meeting your expectations?

The apprenticeship is exceeding my expectations, the training you receive is very good and better than I would have expected. Spending time on the job regularly is equally valuable as then you get to put your classroom learning to practice in the real world.

Would you encourage others to follow in your footsteps? What advice would you give?

Always to show a willingness to learn and should always be enthusiastic about the area that you are interested in. If you can show the employer that you are keen and want to learn then it’s a step in the right direction.

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