Brianika Greenaway - Leakage Technician Apprentice, Anglian Water

As a Leakage Technician Apprentices Brianika has vital role in helping to keep the water flowing to homes and business and also to prevent flooding. Find out what inspired her to choose an apprenticeship with Anglian Water. 

What do you do and where do you do it?

As a Leakage Technician Apprentice, my job is to search a given area for any leaks on our network. The role involves a lot of outdoor work and I cover an geographic area between Boston, Lincolnshire and Holbeach.

Why is your role important? Why is it important to the company/ the people of the UK/ the UK economy?

At Anglian Water we want our customers to not have to worry about leakage issues and to also trust that we will sort problems before they become arise. My job role is very important because I am finding the source of a leak, which is not always visible to the public for example; water may be getting away in the drains. My role decreases the chances of leaks getting worse and potentially causing houses to be off water or even flooded. Finding leaks also saves money as it reduces wastage which also benefits the environment.

.Everyone needs water whether it is a household or commercial customer, so to be able to help prevent any issues are beneficial for everyone.

Which parts of the job do you enjoy most/ find most rewarding?

I really enjoy being outside and also having the opportunity to talk to customers and people in general. I plan what I do during the day to maximise productivity and am trusted to do my job without supervision - there is no one in the field to ensure you do what needs to be done. The part of my role I find most rewarding is if a customer comes to me with an issue, I am able to help them solve the issue allowing them to not get too stressed. Just receiving a thank you goes a long way in my role!

What path did you use to get to the position you hold today?

I actually never thought I would work for a water company! I went to Sixth Form with a plan to be a Veterinary Nurse. When completing these qualifications, I found that I enjoyed maths and decided that I'd look for an office based job instead. I received a level 3 qualification in Business studies in Finance. Before getting my job now, I worked in a Care Home looking after elderly with dementia.  

Anglian Water supplied the water to my home, I followed them on Facebook more to see if there were any issues in the area I lived in. There were always words going around about how good a company Anglian Water is to work for, so when I saw the  Anglian Water apprenticeship for the position of Leakage Technician Apprentice.I went for it.

I have always liked learning new things. My apprenticeship lasts for 2 years, this includes the chance to spend time with various people and learn about all parts of the business that I never knew really existed.

What do you think of the career prospects? Have you had much training and development?

There are so many opportunities available to advance in Anglian Water.  As a general Leakage Technician, I am also given a lot of training with the equipment that we are given. Even though I am an apprentice and have been with the company for just over a year, I applied for a role as a Future Leaders Board member which I had worked hard to be able to achieve. If you want to succeed and put in the hard work, Anglian Water will help you achieve anything you aspire to be.

What does an average day consist of? 

The first things I do when I get to work are log in to my Toughbook and check my emails for any information about the area I am given to look in. It could be as simple as there is another area more important and needs support or a leak was found over night. I also check GNET to see where I have completed work in the area I have been given and where else needs to be reviewed. So everyday consists of working outdoors with a monthly team meeting.

Would you recommend your job to a friend and why?

Yes because it is amazing the things you learn on the job but it also a good point to start a career in the business as it is very important to drive down leakage. It is a very rewarding job and allows you to feel part of not only a work group but a family.

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