Jack's story - IT Degree Apprentice, SSE

 IT Degree Apprentice Jack has chosen to pursue a career in the energy and utilities sector as he thinks it's an exciting place to work and one that offers great career potential. Here's an insight into his apprenticeship at SSE

This scheme has opened huge possibilities for my career. Having 4 years of work experience and a degree under my belt will allow me stay ahead of competition.

What do you do and where do you do it? 

After leaving college I commenced a  IT Degree Apprentice at SSE, based out of the Havant office. My role means that  I move to a different team, within the IT department, every six months taking on new opportunities and challenges and building my network. I am tasked with supporting whatever team I am in and need to be reactive to new challenges.

Why is your role important? 

At SSE I can champion smarter ways of working. By moving teams, I can experience different roles, management styles, opportunities, technologies and share them across the department. It can be difficult to see the bigger picture at times but by making the small improvements, the opportunities are there to influence the group way of thinking. Being an employee encouraged to embrace change helps the larger decisions to be implemented without friction, all for the better of our customers and for the operations with the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

What attracted you to join the energy and utilities sector?

Joining the energy and utilities sector was an opportunity to put my foot in the door with a big company and start my career in an exciting area. Energy and utilities is something that you would expect to be around for a while, so the potential career paths to take following the scheme are a big advantage.

What did you do before your apprenticeship?

I studied IT, Creative Digital Technologies and Maths at Barton Peveril College. 

Which parts of the scheme do you enjoy most/ find most rewarding?

Being able to build such a large network at a young age is a huge benefit. I am given the opportunity to work with colleagues who care about my future and challenge me to work smarter. I feel I am putting the foundations in place for a career and I’m learning skills I will be able to use in the immediate and distant future.

Coming out of the scheme without any debt gives you an advantage to start building a comfortable life before most people your age.

What does an average day consist of? 

An average day will consist of a small handful of meetings, varying between calls and face to face on site. I will typically have a few tasks on the go so I’m always kept busy and engaging with multiple stakeholders. One day a week I am at university attending lectures for two modules; one in the morning and one in the afternoon, varying between soft and technical skills.

What do you think of the career prospects? Have you had much training and development?

The skills I have picked up at work have made me a confident and competent employee and I have learnt how to adapt to different scenarios. This scheme has taught me how to think critically and challenge ways of working. I’ve learnt how to effectively communicate and manage my time and stakeholders.  My achievements are recognised here and I look forward to working with supportive colleagues in the future.

Would you recommend your apprenticeship to a friend and why?

I would recommend my job to a friend because of the future career 'doors' it can open.  I am growing my skills and network every day. The 4 years of vast work experience and a degree makes you an attractive candidate to any employer. Coming out of the scheme without any debt gives you an advantage to start building a comfortable life before most people your age.

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