Aamer Pervez - Customer Service Agent, Morrison Utility Services

As a Customer Service Agent Aamer is a primary link between the customer and the wider Morrison Utility Services team. He enjoys speaking to different people every day, particularly if there is a challenge or issue he needs to resolve. Aamer is visually impaired and spoke to us about how Morrison Utility Services has helped him in his career.

What do you do and where do you do it? 

I am a Customer Service Agent (CSA) in the Morrison Utility Services (MUS) call centre for Thames Water’s Smart Metering business. We are a front line customer service and the link between the customer and the wider Thames Water/MUS Team, solving problems for the customer and do what we can to keep activities running smoothly. I am responsible for taking incoming calls and completing a list of outbound calls to be made. When something requires intervention above my level I have to correctly escalate it. 

 Which parts of the job do you enjoy most/ find most rewarding?

I enjoy speaking to different people every day, particularly if there is a challenge or issue I need to resolve for them.  I also enjoy the camaraderie within my team.

What path did you use to get to the position you hold today?

I heard about the roles available here through a friend. As I require specialist systems to enable me to do my role I contacted the HR Manager and senior manager, Kerry Duke, so that we could assess whether it would be possible. They were both very helpful and once it was confirmed that my JAWS Software would be compatible with the systems we use here, I started in February 2016. 

"I enjoy speaking to different people, regardless of the topic, so I saw the job as an opportunity to do this."

What Challenges have you faced and how has the company supported you in overcoming these in order to develop?

I am visually impaired and did some thorough research on assistive technologies that could support my role As a member of the call centre team. I use adapted software called JAWS (Job Access with Speech), a computer screen reader programme that allows sight impaired users to ‘read’ a screen through text-to-speech output. The company has taken every opportunity to ensure that I have everything I need to succeed in my role.

"While I am on the phone to a customer, JAWS speaks to me to tell me what is on my screen and how to process the call."

What do you think of the career prospects? Have you had much training and development? How does the company support you?

I’m limited as to what I can do with the use of my software however I am included in all training that occurs within the call centre and after spending three years here, am one of the most knowledgeable Customer Service Agent's.

Would you recommend your job to a friend and why?

Yes, and I have done in the past.  The team are friendly and coaching and mentoring allows you to do your job efficiently and allows you to learn quickly.