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Net zero careers for the future

By 2050, the UK plans to achieve net zero by reducing carbon emissions and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

The big challenge will be finding the people to develop and install these innovative technologies. Employers are currently in the process of adapting existing roles and creating new jobs to meet these requirements. 


The UK plans to create its own renewable energy to reduce reliance on supplies from overseas and meet net zero requirements. Sources of renewable energy used now include hydrogen gas, heat pumps, wind turbines, solar energy, and using waste to create energy whilst reducing waste going to landfill. 


New technology will enable the use of Hydrogen gas (link to Hello Hydrogen – Hello Hydrogen), which can be made from natural gas, oil, coal, and electrolysis. There are plans for hydrogen to be used in industry and for heating and cooking in our homes. A successful trial has already been carried out in a UK village using a blend of 20% hydrogen and natural gas.


Working with employers and stakeholders, we are developing training specifications and assessments for hydrogen gas installations, to upskill the workforce to be hydrogen competent. This will ensure that new hydrogen appliances are installed to the highest safety standards.


With many schemes in place already, work is ongoing across the UK to test the most suitable sources of renewable energy. In fact, in 2022 the UK used 40% renewable energy, which will increase over time to meet Government targets for net zero.


277,000 new recruits are needed by 2030 to make this possible! Climate change is the biggest challenge facing all generations, find your role now.

This opens up exciting opportunities in the energy and utilities sector. Our employers invest in developing people to have the skills required for working in sustainable jobs for a greener world – now and for the future. 

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