Supply Chain

Variety of roles that cut across different industries

Working with different clients and varied projects

Supporting the energy and utilities sector is a complex network of companies. This vast – and strictly regulated – supply chain handles goods and services as they pass from the producers to the end users. It takes thousands of different businesses to support a sector as large and diverse as energy and utilities.

The industry

The supply chain manufactures, transports, stores, sells and installs energy and utilities. It also plays a big part in providing a skilled workforce by supporting, training and regulating the professionals who work in the industry. With so many different areas, the opportunities within the supply chain are incredibly varied.

More information on employers involved in the supply chain.

Some of the jobs

The opportunities in the supply chain cut across all our industries. Many of the industry careers exist in the supply chain both at an engineering and a business/commercial level.

More information on the industries within the Energy and Utilities sector.

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