Annie's Story - Business Support Apprentice, Kier

Annie, 20, is currently a business support apprentice for Kier Construction in the southern region. Annie is working towards a project management level 4 project management qualification. This is what Annie had to say about her apprenticeship at Kier.

Annie Flynn, business support apprentice

What made you apply for your apprentices role and choose the area you are now working in?

Before starting my apprenticeship at Kier, I finished my A Levels and applied to go to university to study Theology and Religious Studies. At this point I believed university was the only option I had, as I had not been told by my college and I was not aware of other career paths. I went to university but I wasn’t enjoying the lectures and I wasn’t sure if this was the right form of further education for me.

After completing my first year, I needed a summer job and thought this was an ideal opportunity to gain some valuable work experience. I was offered a placement at Kier and to be honest, I have never looked back! After spending six weeks working for Kier, I couldn’t imagine working or doing anything else as I was enjoying it that much. The work experience had just proved to me how much I enjoyed working and earning my own money.

I sat down with the HR team at Kier and asked them if there was any way that I could stay and what options there were available to me. This is when I was offered to come on board as a business support apprentice, with Kier putting me through my level 4 project management qualifications and my PMQ.

"Since starting the apprenticeship, I have worked in different parts of the business; from the general works team, to pre-construction and the site based team, giving me the opportunity to understand what I am interested in so I will know what I want to pursue when I have completed my training."

What are you enjoying in your role?

Working for Kier has been such an enjoyable experience so far. From the beginning, I have felt like a valued member of the team, with everyone being so friendly and welcoming. At Kier, I feel like I am being pushed to do my absolute best and constantly being challenged to achieve more. It is warming to know that I am working for a company which values its employees and acknowledges when they have gone above and beyond.

Would you recommend working for Kier as an apprentices?

Absolutely, since I started at Kier I have been luckily enough to represent the company at a handful of careers events, where I have been able to share my story which I hope has inspired others.