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The water from your taps? That could be you. The lights you use to take the perfect selfie? That could be you. The warmth in your home? That could be you.

Develop a career in the energy and utilities industries and make a difference.

Over 65 million people across the UK use the services provided by the energy and utilities sector. That’s the power, gas, water, waste, renewables and supply chain industries. To keep these services performing, we need you.

Changing the world. One light bulb at a time.

Changing the world. One light bulb at a time.

Energy & Utilities Jobs brings together over 20 employers offering a range of career opportunities. Recognising the importance of each role within the sector, training opportunities, career security and career development are all on offer.

There’s a place for everyone: men, women, experienced individuals or even fresh out of school. Access the sector through Apprenticeships, Graduate Schemes and Professional roles.

Utilise your skills and your talent to shape your future in a sector that not only needs us, but a sector society can’t function without.

The Job Than Can’t Wait | National Grid

The Job That Can’t Wait | National Grid

Energy & Utilities Jobs brings together the engineers, the IT specialists, the project managers, the customer service specialists and so many more – and helps you to be the best in your field.

We help recruit talent. We watch you maintain the sector. We are building a network that appreciates your skills.

Energy & Utilities Jobs is supported by Energy & Utility Skills.

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