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An apprenticeship is a real job, with training, meaning you can earn while you learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification.

The UK aims to cut carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2050. The energy and utilities sector will play a major part, but first, we’ll have to build our green workforce. 277,000 new recruits are needed in the sector by 2030 to help the UK transition to a more sustainable future.

Why chose an apprenticeship in the energy and utilities sector?

There’s a variety of different career roles that need to be filled in energy and utilities, needing a wide range of different skill sets from engineering, to research, and to administration.

This includes more and more roles at the forefront of turning the UK economy green – at the more extreme end are wind turbine technicians, who on any given day might be climbing a 200-metre-tall structure over the North Sea to repair a faulty dynamo.

Waste management is another key area for preserving natural resources and converting waste into power for our homes, with recycling operatives ensuring that refuse is re-used correctly and efficiently, and HGV drivers keeping the supply chain flowing.

The green transition is also seeing a greater need for programme coordinators and administrative staff – ideal positions for strategic minds looking to flex their organisational skills.

In other parts of the sector, water quality scientists ensure that our drinking water is kept to the highest possible cleanliness standards, and provide guidance supporting other teams to keep the public safe.

Miles of cable and pipes are laid under our streets and roads every year, jobs undertaken by cabling and pipeline specialists, as well as excavation engineers who dig up the pavement without damaging pre-existing pipes and cables.

Behind the scenes you have accountants, who work tirelessly to ensure that the companies are working within budgets; and communications teams, who talk to the wider public and other companies about important changes and promote company services.   


Average salaries while in training for most energy and utilities-related apprenticeships are higher than the average salary of all apprentices (£12,634 per year across all UK sectors*). Furthermore, the retention and continued employment of energy and utility apprentices are higher than average**. This means you’ll earn more and you’re more likely to stay employed at the end of your apprenticeship.

During your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable on and off-the-job training leading to industry-recognised standards or qualifications without missing out on the chance to study (debt-free) for useful qualifications.

Also, by choosing an apprenticeship within the energy and utilities sector you will help play a key role in delivering essential services as part of our critical infrastructure. Employees in the sector are considered key workers.

Join as an apprentice and shape the future of the energy and utilities sector.

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our generation, join an apprenticeship that supports the journey to net zero. Read more about Net Zero and the sector

Find an apprenticeship in the sector.

On average, once qualified, starting salaries can begin at £18,000 to £39,500.

*Workforce Renewal and Skills Strategy 2017, page 36.

**95% of completers of Electricity Industry apprenticeships are still with their employer five years after completing their training, compared to 88% of all private sector apprentices.***

***Source: Incomes Data Services (2011), ‘Apprentice Pay and Conditions’.