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Graduate Programme

Join a graduate scheme in a sector that offers exceptional training, career progression opportunities and higher than average salaries.

Energy & Utilities Jobs works with leading employers across the sector.

They offer graduate schemes that include a wide range of technical and engineering roles and commercial roles. There are opportunities to start a career that will help the UK transition to a greener, more sustainable future.

Graduate schemes

As a graduate you will bring fresh thinking, new perspectives and enthusiasm to the energy and utilities sector. By applying for a graduate schemes, it allows you to join a fast-paced and dynamic environment, helping develop modern technologies that will help tackle climate change and provide water and energy to people in the UK and around the world. Employers want the best – analytical, articulate, technically gifted and commercially sharp individuals with a clear end goal.

Graduate programs have different entry requirements – the majority of employers in our sector ask for a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree at a 2.2 or above. It is usual to spend between 18 months and 3 years undertaking various placements to learn about the different areas of a business.

Join a graduate scheme in a sector that offers exceptional training, career progression opportunities and higher than average salaries.

Insights from graduates who have chosen a career in energy and utilities


“The diversity and inclusion agenda in any sector, should strive for a workforce that reflects its society. When I began career mapping four years ago, what I was looking for in a company was their values, ethics and environment.”


“The scheme has allowed me to utilise skills gained from my MSc in Climate Change in relation to sustainability and energy, as well as developing and learning new skill sets from a finance, economic and business aspect.”


“I now volunteer as a STEM ambassador. I want to inspire young women to become the engineers of the future.”


“For anyone applying for a graduate role with Clancy, go into everything with an open mind, give it your all – the more you put into it the more people will recognise it and the more you will get out of it.”


“It’s an exciting time to be in the energy industry. The scale and pace of change is unlike anything we’ve seen before.” John Pettigrew, CEO National Grid