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It is incredibly exciting to be working in such a rapidly changing industry! Yes, we need engineers but we also need communications teams, consultancies, forecasters, analysts, environmental surveyors and technology providers to ensure this critical industry keeps working safely and securely.

Energy and utilities industries are fundamental to the UK economy. To ensure they run smoothly, strong support functions are critical. Finance, HR, IT and Legal roles are all key to the efficiency of the sector.

You might be looking for a career change or returning to work after a career break. Whether you want to return to a familiar role, or would like to experiment with something else, there are a whole host of opportunities on offer in the sector.

What is a ‘Returner programme’?

A returner programme is a perfect opportunity to restart your career after an extended break.  It can help you with a smooth transition into the corporate working environment and regain your confidence.

The Programme provides ALL candidates who have taken a career break of two years or more with opportunities to re-enter the STEM industry, this year we are broadening the criteria to include candidates who have had a role in STEM which has been directly impacted by Covid19.

When Zoe Finch decided to change career, she was determined to succeed as an engineer. Through her apprenticeship, she became the first female to qualify as a Smart Metering Engineer at E.ON UK. 


Sarah began her career in the energy and utilities sector with an apprenticeship. After qualifying, she has since been promoted to a number of roles. Find out why she loves to prove herself as a woman in the sector!