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If you’re looking for a new and exciting career, the gas industry has much to offer.

75,000 recruits are needed in the gas industry by 2029. Most UK homes use gas boilers to keep warm, with at least eight out of ten homes fuelled by natural gas. The gas industry currently employs 224,000 people with 70% of these roles being skilled trades.


Why work in Gas?

Choosing a career in the gas industry opens up a huge range of diverse opportunities. It’s a secure, regulated profession and your skills will always be in demand. The national target of reaching net zero by 2050 will bring exciting opportunities to work with cutting edge technology.

Roles and opportunities

Join as an apprentice and you could be working as a gas engineer or technical engineer earning up to £44,000 after qualification. The industry can also offer a host of benefits to suit your lifestyle and support your wellbeing. Career progression is encouraged and cross skilling in new trade roles is available. Roles include:

  • Smart Meter Experts
  • Heat Pump Engineers
  • Gas Service & Repair Engineers
  • Gas Engineers

Be inspired by our ‘Apprentice to CEO story’ and ‘Graduate Design Engineer at Centrica’.

The future of Gas

Gas will be key as we transition to a net zero, sustainable energy system. Reducing the carbon footprint of home heating, without compromising on the practicality and affordability for the millions of people and businesses that rely on gas will be achieved by innovative projects like:

  • hydrogen – when it is burnt it only produces water, no CO2 emissions nor carbon monoxide at point of use.
  • heat pumps – which absorb heat from the air outside of a home or extract it from the ground.
  • biomethane – made from renewable sources such as food waste.

You could be part of the revolution.

The gas industry currently employs 224,000 people with 70% of these roles being skilled trades
– Energy & Utilities Industry Profiles, Energy & Utilities Partnership, 2021


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