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Supply Chain

The energy & utilities sector supply chain plays a critical role in delivering the sector’s services across all our industries. 30,000 recruits are needed in the supply chain by 2029 to support the sector.

Why work in the Supply Chain?

There’s something for everyone! The supply chain is so broad based and extensive that anyone choosing this career path can find something to fulfil their goals and objectives.

Roles and opportunities

Are you keen to work collaboratively to find solutions to complete projects benefiting customers and communities? Can you adapt, improve, and innovate? Then a role in the supply chain is for you. Roles include:

  • Resourcing Analyst
  • Project Quantity Surveyor
  • IT Systems Development and Management
  • Finance

Be inspired by our ‘Senior Quantity Surveyor story at Clancy’.

The future of the Supply Chain

Supporting the energy and utilities sector is a complex network of companies. This vast – and strictly regulated – supply chain handles goods and services as they pass from the producers to the end users. It takes thousands of different businesses to support a sector as large and diverse as energy and utilities.

30,000 recruits are needed in the supply chain over the next decade to support the sector.
– Energy & Utilities Industry Profiles, Energy & Utilities Partnership, 2021


Energy & Utilities Jobs is a collaboration of 20+ energy & utilities employers including supply chain companies like The Clancy Group and Kier. Follow the links to learn more about working for these employers or search for a role.

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