Continue serving your country even after leaving the armed forces.    

With over 14,000 veterans leaving the armed forces each year there is a recognition from industry leaders that the skills, attitudes, behaviour and culture that you acquire while serving in Her Majesty's Armed Forces are invaluable and transferable. A career in to the energy and utilities sector offers a secure future for ex-military personnel, with clear pathways for development at the heart of the UK's economic sustainability.

Wendy, UK Resilience Engineer, National Grid

Wendy, UK Resilience Engineer, National Grid

"When I joined National Grid it was actually breaking down the building blocks of what I did within the services and understanding how that transfers across to civilian opportunities. My technical background gave me that stepping stone into an engineering company." Wendy, UK Resilience Engineer, National Grid, ex-RAF.

Find out how Wendy transferred her skills from the Royal Air Force to the Power Sector and how you can join the Power Industries here.

Opportunities in Engineering 

Advancing technology, plus investment in the renewable and nuclear industries mean that talented engineers are needed more than ever. It's predicted that by 2022, engineering employers will need more than 2.5m people.There’s an immediate need for practical, hands-on, technical problem-solvers who have the desire and initiative to manage, to lead and develop a career in engineering.This is the perfect opportunity to put your skills, knowledge and experience to the test.

A mechanical engineering technician can earn between £18,000 and £35,000 a year. Electrical engineers will earn at least £21,000 and chartered engineers can earn £45,000 or more.

Opportunities in Apprenticeships

If you're leaving the armed forces and considering a career in the energy and utilities sector, one of the best places to start - whatever your age or background - is an Apprenticeship. 

“I was a Marine Engineer Mechanic in the Royal Navy, and I love working with my hands. I was attracted to the adult apprenticeship because it enabled me to become a specialist, train practically in the field with a team and be paid well. It’s a great sector and I’m looking forward to building the next stage of my career.”

Jonathan 's Story

“Before starting my apprenticeship, I was looking for a change of career after serving in the army for eight years. I specialised in communications in the army and after making the decision to leave, I chose to build on the experience I’d already gained and learn new skills through an apprenticeship.”

Ben's Story

A Smooth Transition 

These external resources can also offer a wealth of practical information and support  to help you make an informed choice about your career options in civilian life. 

Career Transition Partnership - A Ministry of Defence initiative, working with Right Management..

Future Horizons - Developed to improve resettlement provision to anyone planning to leave military service, across all the services, regardless of length of service or the reasons for leaving.

'raja'- REME Transition Advice and Support. Helping Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) personnel to find second career opportunities in the civilian sector.

Pathfinder Magazine. This publication is distributed by the Ministry of Defence to personnel leaving the Armed Forces and is a vital source of information for resettling servicemen and women.

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