Used by millions of homes and businesses every day, gas is a versatile resource that’s in high demand. From skilled technical staff, to field and office-based personnel, it takes a vast and varied team to generate and deliver it. Experienced professionals can become self-employed, work overseas (where infrastructure is still developing) or choose from an array of career paths.

Gas engineers are in demand and will be needed for at least the next 30 years

Safety considerations mean industry training is extensive

The industry

Gas transmission and distribution involves transporting gas (including bottled gas) from its entry point to the UK, through national and local distribution networks. Network Operations Managers play a big part in this, by running safe, efficient and cost-effective operations. Once the gas gets to the customer, Gas Service Engineers install and maintain meters, pipes and appliances such as fires and cookers. Emergency Engineers respond to reported gas leaks and Network Operatives connect homes and businesses to the network by laying and repairing pipe systems. A growing area is the development of energy-efficient technologies. 

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Employers value skilled professionals – and pay them accordingly

There are currently 123,700 people employed by the UK gas industry 

Next steps…

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There are different customers, locations and jobs to tackle every day