The internationally-respected UK water industry provides drinking and wastewater services to millions of homes and businesses. It also plays a vital role in protecting public health. To run sophisticated water and wastewater treatment plants and networks, a highly skilled and technical workforce is needed.

De-regulation is set to increase opportunities in customer services

With a constant demand for water – and the people who help to supply it – there’s plenty of job security and opportunities

The industry

Some 127,000 people are employed directly or indirectly by the water industry. Between them, they transport water from its source, to the treatment works, and then ensure it reaches all parts of the UK. Waste water is collected through complex sewerage network systems, treated and safely returned to the environment. The economic impact of the sector is estimated to be £15 billion.

There are currently 25 water suppliers covering England, Scotland and Wales. However, de-regulation is set to open up competition. As companies compete, there’ll be increasing demand for friendly, professional people to take on customer service roles. 

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Water is a rapidly growing and innovative industry which attracts huge levels of investment

The industry invests heavily in training and development

Some of the jobs

There is a wide variety of commercial and technical roles available, including:

  • Water Quality Sampling Officer: Monitors the quality of drinking water, taking and testing samples from customers' premises 
  • Pipefitter: Installs equipment, pumps and pipe work, mostly at water and sewage treatment sites
  • Civil/Mechanical Engineer: Designs water treatment, sewerage treatment and distribution networks to ensure the safe treatment of drinking water and sewerage
  • Mechanical Technician: Services, maintains and repairs plant equipment, protecting the environment by preventing hazardous waste and spillages
  • Environmental Technician: Works with environmental scientists to carry out sampling and field research
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technician: Produces detailed project, plant and 3D designs using specialist software
  • Customer Service Adviser: Helps customers with enquiries, bills and any problems they may be experiencing
  • Marketing Manager: Tasked with increasing a business’s revenues by selling its services and attracting and retaining customers

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