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National Grid

The UK is on a path to reach net zero by 2050. It’s a big ambition and we need lots of talented and passionate people to make it happen.

Why work for us?

The world of energy is changing beyond recognition. Working at National Grid, you won’t just be touching the lives of almost everyone in the UK – you’ll be shaping the way we use and consume energy for generations to come. Whether you’re fresh out of university, college or school, or you’re a seasoned professional, a career at National Grid means a place at the forefront of technological evolution. It means thrilling potential, and access to industry-leading training and development. Because, as National Grid advances, our people will move forward too.  

Become part of the solution

At National Grid, we run and operate the UK’s energy system, delivery power to every corner of the country. That’s why we need bright new talent to help build a cleaner, greener Britain. We’re looking for a diverse range of talents and we’re excited to work with people who want to make a difference, with creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and skills from across every community to help us to do the job that can’t wait.



National Grid are finding new ways to bring energy from renewable sources – wind, water and sun – into our system and we need apprentices, undergraduates and graduates to join us to become the engineers, technicians, cyber security experts and ideas people of the future.

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