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We’re proud to employ over 4,000 individuals with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and beliefs. From Buckie to Brighton, SGN keeps the gas flowing to a vibrant, diverse array of communities, homes and businesses. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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SGN operates over 74,000km of gas mains and services in Scotland and the south of England.

Whoever your supplier is, we have a responsibility to deliver gas safely, reliably and efficiently to every one of our 5.8 million customers.
It’s your gas, but it’s our network.

Our promises to our customers shape who we are. They ensure we employ the highest safety standards, strive for the best levels of service and put customers at the centre of everything we do. We also know we are expected to do our work in a way that causes minimum impact on our environment.


SGN are looking for talented people to join their team. Find your role now. 

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All apprenticeships include elements of on-the-job and off-the-job training, leading to industry-recognised​ standards or qualifications. 


You will join a fast-paced and dynamic environment, helping develop modern technologies that will help tackle climate change and provide water and energy to people in the UK…


Up to 67,000 engineers, technicians and craftspeople are needed in the energy and utilities sector over the next decade. 

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