A career in the power industry will place you at the heart of the most important large-scale work in the UK. It takes all kinds of talented people and a substantial workforce to deliver power for millions of people and plan for the country’s future energy challenges.

You won’t find another job that’s as crucial to making everyday life possible.You’ll be part of the most important large-scale work in the UK – contributing to the country’s energy security. The power industry is also at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new technology to develop greener energy and protect the environment.

Whether you’re preparing to leave school or looking to change careers, the sector offers you a range of opportunities, a variety of challenges and a spirit of teamwork.The UK faces massive future energy challenges, and the power industry needs the workforce and talent to meet those challenges. There are opportunities at all levels and for many different skill sets

By 2034 we need to recruit 50,000 engineers to secure the power supply for tomorrow. And there are the meter installers to roll out smart meters, the linesmen to maintain and upgrade the power lines, and the construction and maintenance staff to support wind farms and power stations.

It's a rewarding and stable career, an environment of teamwork, huge variety and massive career development in a growing, innovative sector.

“We’re always going to need power, so working in the power industry means there’s always going to be a job.” - Seamus, Graduate Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

How do we keep the future looking bright?

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"I like the fact this job has great career prospects." 

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The industry

Electricity is generated at power stations, which are connected to national and regional transmission networks. These networks carry the electricity over long distances at high voltages. The distribution network then takes it into homes and businesses. The transmission system is run by National Grid, which ensures supply meets demand on a second-by-second basis.

Customers can choose their electricity provider. This means power is a highly competitive market. Suppliers buy power in the wholesale market and sell it on to customers.

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Once trained, the demand for your skills will be high. There’s an extraordinary variety of roles available.

Just some of the jobs available include:

  • Cable Jointer: Connects up underground distribution cables and works with fault engineers to ensure the power supply is constant for customers
  • Overhead Linesperson: Works on maintaining overhead lines and repairing them if a fault occurs on the network
  • Senior Authorised Person (SAP): Generally works switching on the high voltage network co-ordinating with control room engineers
  • Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer: Installs gas and electricity smart meters into domestic and commercial properties. Advises customers how to use the equipment and offers energy advice

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