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Ace your apprenticeship application

Here’s five tips to help you ace your application form

1. Find and use the buzz words

Have a look through the job advert and either print it off and circle all of the buzz words, or write them all down so that you have a checklist of the kinds of words that you could try to include in the relevant sections of the application form. Make sure you keep a copy of the advert after you’ve applied to help you prepare if you get to the interview stage.

2. Be prepared

Before you start print off a copy of anything that might help you. This could be your:

  • UCAS Personal Statement

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Any practice application forms that you have completed
  • Personal Statement
  • Achievement Portfolio
  • Copies of Certificates

3. Evidence your skills and experience

Think about what the job advert says and think about good examples  you can use in relevant questions. They may ask you about your strengths or what makes you suitable for the role. So if you they’ve mentioned ‘being a team player’ in the job advert tell them about how you’ve done this – which could be at school, playing sport, volunteering or at a part-time job.

4. Help them find out about you

Include current hobbies and interests, not something from a few years ago. If you’re got an interesting hobby it can help you stand out – but don’t go over the top as you don’t want to get caught out at interview. They want to know about you – so include your interests in and out of school and any voluntary work or sport activities etc.

5. Make sure there’s no mistakes

Write out your answers in Word (or similar) first to check for spelling errors and perhaps ask a parent or friend to have a read through as a double check.

There’s lots of advice out there, here are some websites that might help:

Bonus Tip

Be mindful that social media can help us find roles, but it can also damage applications! When applying for roles consider whether your online presence is in keeping with the image you want to portray. Think about:

  • Is your account private?
  • If images can be seen will these reflect the image that you want to promote?
  • Comments – Do these support the impression you have given in your application? 

Good luck with your application! 

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Ace your apprenticeship application

Most of our employers will ask you to complete a tailored application and attach your CV. They’ll ask about your qualifications, experience and want to find out more about you to help them ensure the role is right for you and you for them. 

Make sure you give them all the information they ask for. If any box isn’t relevant write in ‘Not Applicable’ so they know you haven’t missed it out. Try to answer all the questions, thinking about what they’ve asked for in the job advert/ person specification. 

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