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Race for talent in decarbonisation drive says clean power giant ScottishPower

The energy jobs boom is here to stay said ScottishPower CEO Keith Anderson as the first cohort of 1,000 new recruits started work at the green energy firm this week

Unlike the boom-and-bust hiring sprees seen in other industries, the drive to decarbonise means the UK energy industry needs more than 200,000 new starts with ScottishPower recruiting 1,000 in 2023 alone. 

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a stalling labour market, Keith Anderson, ScottishPower CEO, said the clean power sector is thriving but it faces a race for talent.

Keith said: “The UK needs to electrify the hell out of everything, and we need more people to help us do it.

“We need to attract over 1,000 people this year, from ecologists to data analysts and everything in between. It’s not just engineers, there’s a wealth of careers on offer and one of the biggest challenges we have is to fill these roles.

“The energy sector is pumping billions of investments into clean, green UK infrastructure projects – £6m every single day – from onshore and offshore wind and solar farms to the kilometres of electricity networks needed to connect them up.

“It’s decades-long investments, if we want the UK to continue to lead and compete on the clean energy world stage and electrify the economy, we need everyone; education, governments and skills bodies, to prioritise green skills and fast track the pipeline of people we need to decarbonise the UK.”

ScottishPower last year secured a record number of contracts to build green infrastructure projects, including 19 renewable energy projects across the UK.  At the same time, it is investing heavily in the electricity network to connect up clean power across the country, not to mention investing in new technology like hydrogen and batteries.  

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