Ben's Story - Service Leaver

Ben Mitchelmore left the army after 8 years of service. Wanting to use the skills he gained previously, he started an apprenticeship with E.ON UK and is now a Smart Metering Technician. Find out how Ben has made history. 

Ben Mitchelmore Service Leaver E.ON

What do you do?

“I am now a full-time in a permanent role as a Smart Engineering Technician at E.ON. I completed a one-year course that was made up of classroom study and on the job learning.”

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

“Before starting my apprenticeship, I was looking for a change of career after serving in the army for eight years. I specialised in communications in the army and after making the decision to leave, I chose to build on the experience I’d already gained and learn new skills through an apprenticeship.”

“I would recommend it to anyone leaving school or looking for a change of career, like me. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to earn while I learn.”

Aren’t you a bit too old to be an apprentice?

“I was 32 when I left the army and started my apprenticeship, so not the typical age people usually associate with an apprentice. However, I’ve certainly met people of all ages and backgrounds undertaking an E.ON apprenticeship and the whole experience has been something that I would recommend to anyone either leaving school or those looking for a change of career, like me.”

Did the apprenticeship meet your expectations?

“Yes. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to earn while I learn, while working towards future career opportunities in an industry that’s continually growing in terms of innovation and technology.”

I understand you’ve made a bit of history?

“Yes. I hear that I am one of the first people to complete the Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer Apprenticeship Standard at Level 2, which is at GCSE level.”

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