Urvashi's Story - Professional

Urvashi was a teaching assistant before joining the energy and utilities sector. With no prior knowledge of the sector, she now finds herself in a role she loves at Northern Gas Networks.

Urvashi Mistry, Stakeholder Coordinator, Northern Gas Networks

Can you tell us more about your role as Stakeholder Coordinator?

In my role as Stakeholder Coordinator, I liaise with key stakeholders such as local authorities, our regulatory body Ofgem and our customers, and help to develop and strengthen our relationship with them. I work with my team to develop strategies and plans that will help us to improve the way we engage with our stakeholders moving forward.

How and why did you get into this sector? 

Where do I start! Before I joined Northern Gas Networks (NGN) I worked at a school as a teaching assistant. Even though working with children was fulfilling, I wanted more of an office based job, so I Googled the top 10 companies to work at in and around Leeds. A role at NGN came up so I applied! I knew nothing about them when I applied for the role, who they were, what were they about… I actually thought they supplied the gas, not delivered it.

How does the company ensure the north of England keeps running on gas, and how many homes does it reach?

At NGN we don’t generate the gas, we transport it safely through a vast network of underground pipes. It’s our job to manage and maintain this network, so that gas is reliably transported to around 2.7 million homes and businesses in the north of England. 

"Working for Northern Gas Networks has opened so many doors for me."

How important are gas networks to the country?

Gas makes up 80% of the energy we use in our homes, so you could say very important!

How is the company tackling its own carbon footprint and raising awareness?

Our industry faces some big challenges, not least the need to provide more affordable, reliable sources of energy in the years to come, while reducing carbon emissions. We are looking at the potential of new types of energy for heating, cooking and transport, such as hydrogen gas.

"The advice I'd give to British Asians who may be considering a career in the energy and utilities sector is to just give it a go!"

How are employees helping to find solutions to reduce carbon emissions?

Employees are vital in helping to reduce carbon emissions and play a key part in several projects. At NGN we cover a region with a high level of economic and social deprivation, and we understand the importance of helping vulnerable customers and creating opportunities for young people. That’s why we have launched a new Community Promises Fund to support grass roots schemes.

Are there a lot of opportunities for progression in the energy and utilities sector?

Absolutely! In the last three years I have had three different roles. Working for NGN has opened so many doors for me. The company has given me great opportunities to not only carry out my day-to-day role but also engage with different departments and teams.

What advice would you give to other British Asians who may be considering a career in the energy and utilities sector?

Just to give it a go!

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